Cushing Library Update, 12-14-09: Circuses and So Forth


That’s a very boring blog post title that disguises many very interesting things happening at the Cushing Library over winter break and beyond!

“The Circus and the Sanctuary”: First up is a major reorganization on the main floor to create more space for studying and to segregate group study from quiet study.  These are two very different activities, and we want to serve both groups well. The Circus will be the glassed-in area, while the Sanctuary is at the other end of the main floor, and will be created by removing two ranges of stacks and relocating a third as a sound barrier between the Access Services desk at the end of the building.

Improved customer service: We’re developing a training program for student workers designed to help them be good stewards of our information services, and we’re reallocating our student workforce to ensure there are always at least two people on duty, particularly on nights and weekends.

Expanding the circulation desk to include an information service point: This library hasn’t had a reference desk in the last decade, and perhaps never. We’re past the era where our community would be well-served by a large, separate desk continuously staffed by two or three reference librarians. But by integrating a desk into the circulation effort, we can have a continuous point of service that can include walk-up information services during high-demand periods.

More to come! We have other things planned–vast improvements to interlibrary loan, faculty-initiated material selection, and a lovely surprise for sometime in the first 90 days of 2010.


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