Mac Tip #2


Did you know that you can use your MacBook trackpad to zoom-in to a particular part of your screen? The Screen Zoom feature is very helpful when projecting your screen during class, as it will focus directly on the part of the screen that you would like to students to see.

  1. Using the trackpad move your pointer to the section of the page which you wish to zoom-in
  2. While holding down the control button on your keyboard, lightly slide two fingers upwards on your trackpad.
  3. Keep repeating this motion until you have reached the desired zoom. You can then let go of the control button.
  4. If you now move your pointer the zoom will follow it so that you can focus on different portions of your screen
  5. To zoom-out, hold down the control button on your keyboard and lightly slide two fingers downwards on your trackpad.
  6. Repeat this motion until you have reached the desired zoom level or have returned to normal zoom.

  7. To see a video of how this and other trackpad gestures are done:
    1. Click on the menu on the top left and then click on System Preferences (or double-click  System Preferences Icon in your dock.
    2. Under Hardware, double-click
    3. Move the pointer over any of the options (without clicking) to see a video on how to perform the gesture.
    4. The  Screen Zoom feature can be found under the Two-Fingers section.
    5. Place your pointer over “Screen Zoom” (without clicking) to see the video.

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