Cushing Library Hawk Squawk for April 21, 2010



Barbecue, by Flickr user SantiMB

Barbecue, by Flickr user SantiMB

Due to this week’s crazy weather, we rescheduled the barbecue and technology tours to Tuesday, May 4 (12:30-2 p.m.). This will give students a welcome lunch break on Study Day.

We are canceling the dip contest, since that’s such an intense week.  Faculty who are at Faculty Senate: come by when it ends for a bite followed by a special faculty tour.

We will buy lunch for Holy Names community members who are not on the meal plan. Relax, have some barbecue, and enjoy!


Library Lower Level

Library Lower Level

Remember the library “dungeon” (as we affectionately called it)? The area downstairs that was creepy and dark, with scratched-up metal study carrels and dirty old blinds straight out of a 1950s-era detention room?

Thanks to the work of Campus Services, the dungeon is now a light-filled, comfortable Lower Level, painted a soft peachy beige, with capacious wooden desks facing out toward a tree-lined road.

That’s not the only change. We have added more artwork on the main level — including some mixed media by Natasha Koolmees — and if you’ve been in the library this week, you know something else is afoot. Watch for a special announcement!


We asked, and you answered! Here are the highlights from the survey, which had 161 completed responses:

  • Sunday afternoon and evening hours are very important to residential, nonresidential, graduate, and even distance students. This means that next year, assuming we have the same funding level, the Library will close earlier on Friday and Saturday so we can provide Sunday afternoon and evening hours.
  • Weeknights are important to all students, too. If necessary, we will open later Monday through Thursday next fall so we can stay open until 8 or 9 p.m.
  • Nursing students ranked Thursdays as the most important evening to be open during Nursing Weekends, followed by Friday and Saturday evenings. Funding permitting, we will offer extended hours for Nursing Weekends.
  • Overwhelmingly, if the Library could be open longer during any of the special periods in the academic year, you prefer Finals (67%).

Thanks for your input! We will use it to ensure we provide the best schedule possible for your needs.


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