Cushing Library Hawk Squawk For June 2, 2010



To support Nursing Weekend,the Library will be open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday June 3 through Saturday June 5.

Friday, June 4 is also Hawk Day, which takes place largely in the Library. It should be hopping here!


Library Main Reading Room ca. 1959

Library Main Reading Room ca. 1959

We found some old photo albums that had pictures of the Library here and at the old Lake Merritt campus. In this picture you can see how spacious the library was in the late 1950s through early 1960s.

Between now and then, the Library filled up with books and journals… and now, thanks to electronic resources, we’re headed back to our origins. See more pictures here.


This is so hot off the press we still don’t have direct links through our library portal, but we have added two resources we believe will be appreciated by many on campus: RefWorks, and the Alexander Press Counseling and Therapy in Video online collection.


This week we’ll chat up RefWorks–next week, the counseling videos.

RefWorks is a web-based citation management tool that enables you to collect, organize, and use citations from nearly every possible resource, from library catalog records to database URLs to resources on the open web. The RefWorks guide can introduce you to the basics, and we’ll offer demos once the product is fully in place, but here are five great features:

* Every HNU faculty, staff, or student gets a personal RefWorks account

* Accessible anywhere, since it’s web-based

* Instantly import citations from a wide variety of e-resources

* Easily search and browse your RefWorks collection, and organize citations into folders

* Offers output formats (style formats) for literally thousands of styles (you can create a “favorites list” for the ones you use most often)

* “Write-n-Cite” feature works with Microsoft Word on both Mac and Windows to instantly insert appropriately-formatted citations and create your bibliography

* RefMobile (included with our subscription) lets you use your smartphone or cell phone to add references anywhere you can get cell phone service

No more printing off reams of paper just so you don’t forget where you found that important factoid–no more calling the library the night before the paper is due because you can’t find that really important citation–and through their alumnae program, you can keep your RefWorks account for as long as Holy Names subscribes to RefWorks! (If we did not renew, you would be able to export your citations.)

With the Library now offering over 60 online resources, a tool such as RefWorks is close to essential for effective management of citations throughout the research process. We look forward to the official roll-out of RefWorks sometime next week or the week after.


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