Cushing Library Hawk Squawk for June 16, 2010


Chris Kyauk named Spectrum Scholar!

Chris Kyauk, our Head of Access Services, is a library student at San Jose State University. We just learned this week that he has been named as a Spectrum Scholar, a program through the American Library Association that awards scholarships to exemplary students and library workers from underrepresented groups “who might help shape the future of library services.” Bravo, Chris! Thanks also due to San Leandro Public Library, Chris’ last employer, who wrote letters of support for his application.

Bookcase Giveaway!

It’s summer, the time of myriad projects and we’re doing yet more Library Extreme Makeovers, this time down in the “AV Rooms” that were formerly music rooms and are soon to be comfy study rooms. This has freed up several several office-sized bookcases we are giving away. We have two double-width, taller bookcases and one somewhat shorter double bookcase. First come first served!

Bookcases: Free to a good home

Bookcases: Free to a good home


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