Cushing Hawk Squawk, Midsummer Edition

Power-friendly Desk Lamps

Desk Lamps

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We are busy with many wonderful projects for the fall, but we just had to share the arrival of our new desk lamps for our public areas. These lamps don’t just provide task lighting for reading and studying. They have power outlets so you won’t have to crawl on the floor looking for a place to plug in your laptop, recharge your cell phone, or otherwise “juice up” between classes!

Thanks to Maria Theren from the graphics department for advising on the color and style, and to Stu Koop for suggesting we try hotel supply stores for this type of lamp.

P.s. If you’ve noticed that we have journals spread out all over most of the desks downstairs, it’s due to a major reorganization. Under the leadership of Chris Kyauk, Head of Access Services, the journals will soon be in alphabetical order (we know, what a concept!). Big thanks as well to student worker Jessica Hines-Schroder. You can see her work-in-progress here.


One Response to “Cushing Hawk Squawk, Midsummer Edition”

  1. Bob McMillen Says:

    The lamps look great! You say that it is unexciting except when you have to look for a plug in the dark- well my life is…hey yes…rub it in my life IS unexciting I guess! Seriously though thanks for the great work you folks are doing-

    Welcome to HNU too!


    Bob McMillen

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