Hawk Squawk, Post-Bastille-Day Edition: A New Face, and Database Delight!


Welcome Daniel Ransom!

Daniel Ransom is our new instructional and e-resource librarian. He comes to us with nearly a decade of experience in small nonprofDaniel Ransomits and significant library experience (including instruction) at the University of San Francisco.

Daniel is jumping into planning our 2010-2011 Research Success instruction (known previously as “information literacy”), so you will see him all over campus as he makes visits and hears what you have to share!

Database Deliciousness

We have good news about our additions and upgrades to our database lineup for the upcoming academic year.

How did we afford this? The following changes were primarily realized by  consolidating our “big database” offerings from four to three and shuffling some products from one vendor platform to another. You can browse our entire database list to see our full lineup.  We guarantee we have more resources than you realize!

Additions to Our Databases

As noted in earlier Squawks, we have added RefWorks and Counseling and Therapy in Video. Eugenia Chan, our part-time, temporary reference librarian, just created an outstanding guide to RefWorks to help you get started with this time-saving citation management tool. Stay tuned for demos and other learning opportunities!


Our Ebsco databases have been bumped up to Business Complete and Academic Search Premier, and this is effective immediately. This was based on an analysis of full-text journal coverage for the titles we carry, and built on similar analyses of database coverage recently conducted by other libraries. (Now you know what librarians do in the back room…)

Holding the Line

Most of our 60+ databases were retained, even when usage was very low, since our assumption is that under-usage is due to low awareness, which Daniel and the rest of us will be addressing this year  (we note exceptions below).  So we continue to offer excellent resources such as Cinahl, Sage journals, Wiley Interscience, Opposing Viewpoints, and so forth.

Moves & Changes

The big news is that our main business database will be Business Complete, which has excellent full-text coverage; we will be dropping ABI-Inform.

We are also moving Psyarticles and Psyinfo from Proquest to Ebsco, to take advantage of Ebsco’s highly intuitive interface and to better leverage Ebsco’s larger database.

We are replacing Wilson Omnifile with the Wilson Education database.

For you music lovers, we were going to drop RILM, the authoritative music database, until a sudden vendor change completely transformed its look and feel and made it much easier to use. Give it a try!


Some of the changes won’t be noticeable (for example, RCLWeb was an internal-use-only tool for us), but please note that we are dropping Gale Onefile and Encyclopedia Britannica. For encyclopedias, we recommend beginning with Wikipedia for general information and then moving on to our excellent reference databases, such as Credo, Oxford, and RAND California, or exploring the many quality books available in our 50,000+ eBook collection from ebrary.

What Else is Happening at the Library?

Goodness, you must have a quiet summer if you’re still reading this far!

Nicole has been hard at work on something called a “patron load” which will allow us to preregister most of our student users. Big thanks to Rebecca Hinkley of Campus IT for her help with this project. Nicole’s next project is to give us a real website. Won’t that be cool? Chris is getting ready to launch interlibrary loan, including electronic article delivery. (True interlibrary loan service is a big catch-up for this library. Hello 1977!) We are also hard at work downstairs making the “A/V Rooms” into student-friendly study rooms–big thanks to Campus Services for their hard work. Plus our intern Emily is working hard at organizing and cataloging our children’s books (used for the Education program).


One Response to “Hawk Squawk, Post-Bastille-Day Edition: A New Face, and Database Delight!”

  1. Daniel Ransom Says:

    I’m thrilled to be here! I’m looking forward to working with faculty and helping their students deepen their research skills.

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