Cushing Library Hawk Squawk, It’s-Finally-Warm Edition

Daniel and Chris at Hawk Day

Daniel and Chris at Hawk Day

Free to good homes

We have a 13″ television set (old-fashioned CRT) and two cassette/CD players with enormous speakers.

Library Closed August 11, 12 for Special Projects

We are wrapping up special library projects that require “all hands on deck” and will be CLOSED Wednesday, August 11 and Thursday, 12. (TEAS testing will still take place on the evening of August 12.)

We will reopen early August 13 for Hawk Day. Last time the cupcakes and cherries went fast… what should we bring this time?

New library website forthcoming

We realize our current web presence is a bit… ahhh… “challenged,” and we promise that you will like the updated site, scheduled to debut before Orientation.  Contact us if you’d like a preview.

Study Room upgrades in progress!

Campus Services, from whence so many great things flow, is rehabbing the rooms that have in previous years been used for “audio-visual” and for listening to music.


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