Cushing Library Hawk Squawk for 9-8-10


Upcoming Fall Events–Everyone Welcome!

  • Thursday, October 7, 7-9 p.m.: Final Class Reading, Poetry 201B (Cole Krawitz, instructor)
  • Late October/early November: An Art Event with our second Artist-in-Residence, Dr. Robert Simons

One change: Dr. Martivon Galindo will conduct her art talk and exhibit opening in late January, 2011. Great timing — a wonderful way to start the spring semester!

Possible addition to our event line-up: Take this poll to vote for whether the library should offer a low-key literary read-aloud event for Thursday, September 23, 6-8 p.m. to celebrate the autumn equinox, International Peace Day (both observed on September 21), and the birthdays of Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, and Euripedes. We would share favorite poems (your own, or those of a writer you enjoy) or short sections from essays, stories, and songs.

Our Lower Level Lights Up Your Life

Lower Level Study Desks

Lower Level Study Desks

The Cushing Library lower level has comfortable desks with study lamps with outlets for charging up laptops and cell phones.

Students who remember the former “dungeon” will be pleasantly surprised by how bright and clean the lower level is (with more improvements on the way).

We’re food-friendly, so feel free to bring a snack or covered beverage!


One Response to “Cushing Library Hawk Squawk for 9-8-10”

  1. Daniel Ransom Says:

    Great photo of our lower level! Makes me want to go work down there myself!

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