Faculty-Staff Library Services Survey Responses, Part 1


The Fall 2010 Faculty-Staff Library Services Survey had excellent response from all surveyed groups, with 70 responses total. Participation was so evenhanded that we will do our “homemade cupcake reward” a little differently than planned by offering cupcakes and other treats at lunchtime on October 19, when we hold a special “Library of the Future” event.

Over the next five weeks, we will present one or two major findings from the survey on this blog. This week we will focus on these two findings:

1. The library is evolving into a service institution and campus destination

2. The Library’s cultural activities are important to the HNU community

“I think the library has become friendlier, more utilized by students and faculty, and is, for the first time, a real integral part of campus life.”

– Survey comment from full-time faculty member

In the last year, the Library has begun offering a variety of services that are either new (chat support for research assistance), modernized (such as interlibrary loan), or had not been offered in a long time (such as regularly-scheduled walk-up hours for research assistance).

We have also freshened the Library’s facility, and we offer cultural events such as poetry readings and art talks. Finally, we are working hard at how we share and gather information about our services.

Your Choices for Popular Services

Chart: Changes With the Most Impact

Chart: Changes With the Most Impact

As the quote above suggests, support for all these directions is evident throughout the survey.

The three most popular recent service additions are the building renovations, our cultural events, and the Hawk Squawk (well, gosh!), which were all 10-15% higher than other services listed. However, almost all of the other new services had at least 20 votes across the board. (Click on chart for details.)

There was very little variation among demographic groups except for group-specific questions such as “Hands-on instructional technology assistance for faculty” (which, interestingly enough, got a few votes from staff, as well).

Give Us Books, But Give Us Roses

We also asked you what kind of cultural events “you would be interested in attending.” Only four respondents skipped this question—a very high response rate for a question midway through a survey.

The top four responses were close, with a variation of 6%:

1. Outside speakers on topics of current interest to the campus (66.7%)
2. Readings by campus authors (65.2%)
3. Film screenings and discussions (62.1%)
4. Art talks with accompanying exhibits of faculty or student work (60.6%)

The response to our cultural events has been particularly gratifying, as these strike to the heart of our evolution from a focus on collections to a focus on services, and to our facility’s first steps toward transformation into a destination for educational and cultural enrichment.

Next week we will look at your priorities for our future direction, and how you would like to participate in our journey.


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