Cushing Library Hawk Squawk: Extended Hours, Special Event


Special Extended Library Hours During Finals!

Thanks to the generous support of the university, we are able to offer extended hours during Finals. We have  study tables, study rooms,  computers, printers, and helpful staff, and you are welcome to bring food and drink into the library. Let the library be your study buddy!

10 am – 10 pm Saturday 12/6
10 am – 10 pm Sunday 12/7
9 am – Midnight Monday 12/8 through Thursday 12/11
9 am – 5 pm Friday 12/12
9 am – 3 pm Saturday 12/13

Final Cushing Salon of the Season, Tuesday, December 7, 2010, 7 – 8 p.m.

Writer's Craft Editorial Workshop

Writer's Craft Editorial Workshop

Join us for a public reading by The Writer’s Craft Editorial Workshop. Prepare to be  entertained and challenged as twelve talented graduate students in writing share thoughtful, opinionated readings from their semester-long exploration of the art of editorial writing and other persuasive genres.

Refreshments will be served. Feel free to drop in or out of the event as your schedule permits… if you’re studying in the library, stop by for a nibbly. Thanks to instructor Laurie Seidler for coordinating this event with the Library.

We look forward to seeing you at this event, and don’t forget, if you haven’t seen it, to save a little time to view the gorgeous art of Professor Robert Simons, our second artist-in-residence. Simons’ art will remain up through December.


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