HNU’s Graphics Department Receives Kudos for Its Library Signage


Cushing Library Signage created by Holy Names University graphics designer Maria Theren came in for praise at a critique session for library marketing materials at Monday’s Library Journal Directors’ Summit 2010 held at San Francisco Public Library.

Panelists and the audience alike praised Theren’s work for its clarity, visual interest, and charm, and noted that a library on a limited budget could still produce excellent signage.

Theren created this work to match the library’s midcentury look and feel. Content was written by Cushing Library Director Karen G. Schneider with input from library staff. Special attention was paid to themes that emerged from last summer’s services survey, such as lack of awareness that the lower level had been renovated, and unfamiliarity with the library’s generous food and beverage policy.

Shown above are one of the “table-toppers” recommended by HNU PR chief Lesley Sims, who advised the library to aggressively market its services indoors as well as out. The signage will roll out over the winter break.


One Response to “HNU’s Graphics Department Receives Kudos for Its Library Signage”

  1. Free Range Librarian › Slowly, slowly run, o horses of the night Says:

    […] something as seemingly small as our signage policy looms huge, as our commitment to radical hospitality includes not scolding people before […]

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