Cushing Library Hawk Squawk: Awesome Deals; Education Database Smackdown


Educate Us!

Education students and faculty (and anyone else who uses scholarly databases), can you help us out? Cushing Library has trial access through Thursday, February 10th to Ebsco’s Education Resource Complete, a competing product to the Education Full Text database we currently license from H.W. Wilson.  We’d appreciate it if you did several searches in each product and gave us your assessment (email Daniel Ransom,

You should be able to access these products on or off-campus (see our off-campus access guide for more details).

Atlas Cases and VHS Cabinet

Atlas Case

Atlas Case

We are giving away two blonde wood atlas cases and a grey metal VHS tape cabinet.

This is a special-for-HNU offer that expires Monday, January 24; after that, we sell them on Craigslist.

The VHS cabinet is 4’6″ high. The atlas cases are approximately 3 feet high and have sliding shelves. Check them out on our for-sale page on Flickr or contact the director for more information (


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