Picture Perfect: HNU Plans Its Dream Library

Top Pick from Library Smart Talk

Top Pick from Library Smart Talk

The crowd in the packed library classroom oohed and ahhed at the beautiful slides of library interiors displayed last Friday by renowned library space-planning consultant Linda Demmers in a campus-wide smart talk on “visioning the 21st-century Cushing Library.”

“It’s a terrific turnout,” said Daniel Ransom, librarian at Cushing Library. The student body was particularly well-represented, thanks to ASHNU leaders such as Anitra McCain, Regine Baffert, Lesley Vodicska, and others involved in organizing student attendance at this event.

The power of the paintbrush came through loud and clear. The crowd gasped with surprise at before-and-after slides where libraries had accented drab interiors with bright colors. “We should have a painting party!” said Elaine Bauer, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs.

The highlight of Linda Demmers’ presentation was when she displayed  dozens of slides representing a wide variety of library interiors and furnishings. Students, faculty, and staff used index cards to vote for the features they liked the most. At the end of this exercise, Ms. Demmers tabulated the results in a spreadsheet and then used these results to demonstrate the preferences of the audience.

The top pick? Comfortable, high-backed diner-style tables. “They would look great under the windows,” said Nicole Greenland, systems and faculty technology development librarian.

“This was so much fun, and we learned so much, not just about what other libraries are doing, but what students and faculty would like to see us do here,” said library director Karen Schneider. She added, “Linda also offered ideas for low-cost upgrades we could do sooner than later, such as adding more power outlets, working closely with Campus IT to improve the wifi, hanging more student artwork, and buying some colorful, comfy chairs.”

In addition to recommending that the library continue pursuing the “low-cost remodel” approach, Linda Demmers emphasized that the library needs a master plan before taking any major steps to renovate or rebuild the facility.

Next steps include a presentation by ASHNU at this week’s student forums, and later in February, a student survey to further identify student needs for the next-generation Cushing Library, coordinated between the Library and ASHNU. Additionally, the library had previously submitted input to be considered for the next draft of the university’s “Next Steps” planning document.


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