Cushing Library Hawk Squawk: GAs Wanted


What’s new at the library? Many things are on the horizon (see last week’s post for news about our upcoming events, including the poetry workshop and gaming night coming up this weekend), and our new website, catalog, and mobile-friendly ebook service should launch before the end of the month, but right now we are…


The Library has one full GA position that can also be shared as two half-time GA positions. We provide tuition remission as well as training that will give you marketable skills! Contact us by email if you’re interested or you know of a likely candidate.

The two roles this GA will play are support for academic technology and support for Access Services. We are seeking a graduate student who is flexible, mature, service-oriented, and tech-savvy.

In your academic technology role, you will help faculty members learn emerging technologies, provide assistance to the Associate Director for Library Technology, assist the Library in conducting a fall pilot of web-conferencing software, and other duties as assigned.

In your Access Services role, you will provide direct assistance to library users, checking out books and other materials, shelving books, helping users with their questions and computer problems,  assisting in the management of the library facility, and other duties as assigned.

Both roles will require some night and weekend work. You may be required to work shifts that are not supported by local public transit. Contact us for a full description, including other requirements.


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