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Interview with Faculty Authors, Dr. Bower and Dr. Sadler

March 17, 2010
Why Retire?

Why Retire?

Two Holy Names faculty members, Dr. Fay Bower (Nursing) and Dr. William Sadler (Business), recently co-wrote a book,  Why Retire? Career Strategies for Third Age Nurses (available at the New Books display at the Cushing Library, and also through the University Bookstore).

Their target audience is nursing professionals, but Bower and Sadler’s interesting book  is broadly applicable to those of us who expect to continue in our professions well past the formerly typical retirement age, for whatever reason–the economy, our life expectancy, or perhaps simply the joie de vivre of working.

I asked the authors why and how they wrote the book. Dr. Bower responded to the first question by stating, “”After trying to retire three times I discovered there is no such thing  as retirement and that one should plan ahead for the later years of  one’s life.”

Dr. Sadler added, “In workshops with Third Age Nurses I was struck by how relevant my message about the potential for growth, renewal, and fulfillment in the third age was for nurses asking questions about life after 50 or 60. Fay and I agreed that putting the six principles into a framework for Third Age Life Planning would help nurses redesign their lives and their work.”

Though Why Retire? is directed at nursing professionals, it also digs deep into understanding the institutions that support them. “The innovative hospitals we report on in Chapter Six are providing a new model for both improved health care along with retention of senior nurses that holds great promise for our country,” said Dr. Sadler. As higher education undergoes its own tumultuous changes, models for innovation from other professions are worth studying.

Dr. Bower has written six books and is revising an older title to bring it out in a new edition. Dr. Sadler notes that he is  “at the far edge of the Third Age and beginning to ask what the Fourth Age might hold for me. So like nurses to whom our book is addressed, I’m asking: What next?”

Let’s hope it’s another excellent book!