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Holy Names Library to Students: Help is on the way!

November 28, 2009
The Scream

The Scream

Are you finishing up a research paper or project? (Are you perhaps starting one..?)

Fear not! Don’t panic! Take a deep breath… because the  Cushing Library recently added twelve research guides to the Library Information Portal specifically to help you, dear students, survive your research projects.

These guides are designed to help you find, access, and use resources such as journal articles, ebooks, reference sources, traditional paper-based books, and more.  Most of these resources are online, and can be accessed on or off-campus (don’t miss our guide to off-campus access).

To find these guides, see the “How do I?” tab on the Portal’s menu.  Here’s a little more about them.

Guides by Subject

We have eight new “Research Guides by Subject” on biology, business, education, international relations, music, nursing and health resources, psychology, and off-campus access.

Video Guides

We also have four new research guide videos, developed to introduce First Year Experience students to finding and using library resources, but useful for everyone:

  • How to Find Journal Articles
  • How to Find and Use eBooks
  • Finding Books and More in the Library Catalog
  • Remote Access Guide for Students

Would you like a research guide in a subject specialty we haven’t covered yet? We welcome requests, and we will be using the break between semesters to create more guides.

Don’t forget you can always call, email, or walk into the library for assistance. Please let us know what else we can do for you!