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Cushing Library Hawk Squawk for March 17, 2010

March 17, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, Open Your Cookbooks

Guacamole, by Flickr user hale_popopke

Sol de Guacamole, by Flickr user hale_popoki

On April 20th, we are holding a “Chips and Dips” celebration to launch our RFID checkout and security system, some new equipment for students and faculty, and our newly-reorganized library space, designed to better accommodate both group-study and quiet study.  This event will include a dip contest with 25-cent tastings, proceeds to go to Reach Academy. To sign up for the contest, email the library at

Art! Poetry! Refreshments!

National Poetry Month 2010 -- Poster

National Poetry Month 2010

(Note new time!) Save the date for our Art and Poetry Event, Wednesday, April 7, 5-7 p.m. In honor of National Poetry Month, students, staff, and faculty members are invited to read poems (poems they have written, or poetry written by others). At the same time, artists from the Holy Names Community will be exhibiting examples of their craft. If you’d like to read or have art exhibited, we’re still taking signups.

Special thanks to Katie Coykendall, a Holy Names student who is working with the library to organize this event, and whose capstone art project will be on display. And here’s the magic language: wine and nibblies will be served!

Resource of the Week: A Little Blue Pill for APA Citations

APA Style Manual

APA Style Manual

This Resource of the Week comes from Eugenia Chan, our temporary part-time reference librarian.

Eugenia works with many nursing students who struggle with formatting citations in APA style. She strongly recommends this guide from Microsoft for easily formatting citations in Word documents. See Eugenia’s excellent citation guide for more tips.

Funding for Eugenia’s position dries up after Commencement. Please take time between now and then to wish her well and thank her for her superb service to Holy Names.

Review of Sadler/Bower Book, and Faculty Publications

We just posted a book review of Why Retire? by Holy Names faculty members Dr. Fay Bower and Dr. William Sadler. Holy Names community members who have publications in the pipeline–books, essays, poems, short stories, features, photography, etc.–are welcome to request reviews by the Library. In the future, we hope to build a “faculty publications” page.

Mac Tip of the Week

This week Nicole Greenland puts the spotlight on Spotlight, a search tool for your MacBook. It’s magical, it’s marvelous!

Collectors’ Items for Sale: Card Catalogs

We still have card catalogs for sale for $200 each. In several weeks we will put these on sale on eBay, where they typically command $300 or more.  If you can’t afford one now, keep us in mind, as in a few more months we should have two more for sale.